IMG_9939Barleythorpe Primary will be an educational hub for outstanding progress and attainment.  Excellent academic achievement will be expected for all pupils; as staff, pupils and parents work together aiming for all to make outstanding progress towards aspirational targets. This is captured by the School motto ‘Together Aspire, Together Achieve’.

Barleythorpe Primary aims to meet the pupil place need by providing an outstanding provision in the West of Oakham.  Barleythorpe Primary will be a 210 place school.  The School ethos will be one which is calm and purposeful. Children will enjoy their time with us and will leave very well prepared to start their secondary education, in particular the rigor of the English Baccalaureate (EBacc). Barleythorpe Primary will be a feeder school for Catmose College, an outstanding College, who we will work in partnership with through the Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) already in place. This feeder school status ensures that all pupils strive to achieve their very best as they continue their learning careers smoothly from setting to setting within the MAT.

Transition and being secondary ready will be a key focus for Barleythorpe Primary.  Extra-curricular opportunities will be offered which build resilience, develop perseverance and critical thinking skills alongside leadership and teamwork.  This will develop character, supporting pupils to be ready for their next steps in their learning career.  This will be further supported by working with Catmose College transition provision: specialist Science, Music and Modern Foreign Language (MFL) staff from College will be deployed to teach PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) sessions for their class teacher from Year 5 onward, meaning that staff and pupils are able to build relationships prior to starting College.  Weekly visits to the College via a transition programme in Term 6 for Year 6, College layout of classrooms from Year 5 and prep set to mirror home learning expectations at College in Year 5 onwards are examples of this provision. This model has already proven very effective at Catmose Primary.

Teaching will be of the highest quality with quality assurance processes and continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities designed to support staff in delivering the best quality lessons.  Use of external review systems and support will be made by the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that this internal review of teaching and its impact is robust. The academy trust has a number of trained Ofsted inspectors and significant experience of school improvement with the Executive Principal being a National Leader of Education.

The School will follow the National Curriculum for Literacy, Numeracy and Science.  Letters and Sounds will be followed for Phonics (EYFS and KS1) and the National Curriculum for Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (KS2).  The foundation subjects will be taught against the new national curriculum within subject specific sessions, Geography, History, Art and Design, Design Technology, Religious Education, Information Technology, Music, Modern Foreign Languages and Physical Education. This programme of study has been selected to mirror the Ebacc requirements that pupils need to meet at secondary school; by laying the foundations within the primary curriculum we are supporting our pupils in achieving this goal at secondary level.

All core and foundation subjects will be assessed throughout the year against end of year expectations as set by the National Curriculum for each year group.  This will allow teachers to ensure that pupils have mastered the National Curriculum end of year expectations.

These expectations will be for all pupils.  Vulnerable groups highlighted by the School’s in-house tracking system, such as children entitled to free school meals (FSM), looked after children (LAC) and children with special educational needs (SEN), will be given the same aspirational targets but the individual tailored and bespoke support needed to achieve them. The School’s progress team will ensure that students that have not mastered a particular element of the curriculum will receive additional support through small group teaching and, when necessary, 1:1 support.

Barleythorpe Primary will treat our children as individuals and will inspire them to learn.  Pupils will be innovative and enjoy their learning journey at Barleythorpe Primary.  Learning is a lifelong journey; our primary aim is to ensure that every child succeeds and has the skills they need to continue that journey.

Enrichment and enjoyment is a key element to learning, with trips, visits and focus days a key part of this. Through these activities pupils learn citizenship skills, resilience and perseverance.  They are able to use and apply classroom knowledge and understanding to real-life situations.  Children understand the ‘why’ of their learning through these activities.

Children at Barleythorpe Primary will be able to access extra-curricular provision through the support of the College within the Trust.  Activities such as: music lessons – both individual and whole class; MFL tuition; use of the College minibuses to enable participation in further afield trips and visits without large charge; support from an IT team in developing key IT skills; use of a Sports Coach and Sports Leaders to develop and support sport teams and use of specialist equipment such science labs, large sporting facilities and cookery rooms which a small Primary could not provide. The activities will be a compulsory part of our extended School day.

Many new residents in Oakham and the surrounding area have struggled to find a local primary school place, we are planning to address this by applying to open a new feeder school to Catmose College with a planned opening in September 2017. It will be sited in order to allow primary aged children living in the new Oakham developments and the surrounding area to attend a local school before transitioning to Catmose College.